About So βε Ιτ Studios

So βε Ιτ Studios provides safe, comfortable, nurturing, sensory immersive environments  enhanced by comprehensive programs that support you in letting go of what no longer serves you, while resonating more fully with all that you have dreamt of being. 


Our approach to well-being is an integrative process. We integrate the mental, emotional, spiritual, relational as well as physical aspects of health or healing. Our integrative approach is built upon over 30 years of experience and exploration with the Natural Laws of Resonance, Harmony and/or attraction. Heartcentered living helps us Discover Harmonic Intelligence®.   

Feeling is Knowing! Feeling is Healing!  

Discover Harmonic Intelligence®

We invite you to come ‘βε’ with us and enjoy the experience of unraveling “the matter that is with you” that may no longer be serving you; while opening up to the pure potential of all that you are capable of being. So βε Ιτ ~ So Ιτ is!

Listen Fully. Breath & Feel Deeply. Know Profoundly. Express Authentically.

Enjoy being in resonance with the inner artist (musician, dancer, singer, writer, painter, designer, inventor...) you have always dreamt of being. And through your 'being-ness', you will inspire others to want to have what you have. We call this the ripple affect

So βε Ιτ ~ So Ιτ is!

Our Philosophy

Life is a precious gift, you see; where you can learn and grow abundantly! All experiences are part of the plan to cleanse the hearts and souls of man.
Many have forgotten all that they know, the remembering of the sacred flow. For when we hold on to what is “ours” we forget of our ancestors present and far. We are all one in this flow of life and no one, no-thing separates us.

It helps when you take some time to breath and feel the presence of So, indeed. So is that place of heart. A place of knowing universal Harmony. So is in fact a tool, a seed, that reminds us how to be in harmony. It binds together the rhythm and flow of heaven and earth.

As above, So below.

Rhythm is constant. Rhythm runs deep. Rhythm brings life to you and me. When you take the time to stop and breathe, the breath shares all the wisdom you need; wisdom to choose the more graceful path that honors the hearts beyond your grasp. For every heart is a part of the whole… part of the ‘being-ness,’ part of the soul.

We invite you to enjoy the flow of So, to allow your body to relax and know, that all of life is a journey, a path, a destination back to love, not wrath. Perhaps the divine plan is for us all to know the difference between So and Do (musically pronounced “doe”).For So is the place to know and be.... supporting us in the ‘do-ing-ness', you see.

For in the Do we learn and grow, we learn to more fully appreciate the flow of So. A place of being where life feels abundantly free and there is no need for pain, suffering, power or greed.

Our Team

-Suzannah Long
-Barry Oser

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